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My router wifi light blinking rapidly - Dlink Login

My router wifi light blinking rapidly

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My router wifi light blinking rapidly

Some of the person faces issues that their router is blinking rapidly and they are worried about this issue so, now from this blog you can resolve this issue easily.

Here are the simple things that you need to perform to resolve this problem

Your ISP will help you to resolve your problem. First they will check about your internet connection whether it is good or not. They regularly scan for the modems and the router to ensure that all the devices are working properly or not.

Your ISP or internet service also checks for the IP address that you are using even when you are not using your device or your modem. Moreover, they also check for your IP address during the situation when you have turned off your device.


Just sign in to your router and check what is happening to your connection or who are using your connection

This generally happens, that whether you are using wireless devices or computers which are sharing single internet connection then by login into the account you can have the complete solution of your problem. After this, there may be possibility that there must be any device which is connected with the network that you do not know about.

There may be problem in your router or there may be any unknown device which is connected with your network.

After login you will have the list of all those devices that are online and the devices are may be routers, computers, laptops, smartphones etc. They may be connected wirelessly or through wired medium. You will also have the list of their IP address, MAC address and hardware address of all of the connected devices You will also have the name of the computers that are attached with your network using the http dlinkrouter local or http.

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